The Court Case

NEW UPDATE-  FBI TRANSCRIPTS AND TAPES expose how fights were fixed.  Upon review of this information I have to retract that "I did not believe that Oscar De La Hoya knew the fight with Campas was fixed".  Go to the video of the fight.

How can a dead Mexican President still influence crimes committed against American citizens. I will explain as best that I can! President Cardenas of Mexico is dead. A great person, Lazardo was a man of his word. As I'm told that Barbara Montano, maiden name is Cardenas, is related to the late President Cardenas. She worked for Lewis Rocca, a law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Supposedly her brother is Jose Cardenas, who also worked for the same law firm. This law firm represented Bob Arum of Top Rank, in Federal Court, against me in 2006-2007. I had no lawyer in 2006 when I filed papers and charges against Top Rank officials. Mr. Jose Cardenas has left law practice and is in charge of the law department at ASU. He also is connected to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals as an advisor. Sometimes you will see him on channel 8.
John Montano might have a direct but arms length association with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals through Jose Cardenas. The court has suddenly changed the venue and it stinks. Instead of the trial they have asked for briefs to be submitted, the court will read and rule on the presentation of the briefs.
This was supposed to be a trial, oral and public, with witnesses brought in to testify. Does John Montano (Jose Cardenas), Bob Arum, Janet Napolitano, Mary rose Garrido Wilcox & Earl Wilcox have any influence over the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? I do not believe they do, I believe the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is honorable. 

I want a public trial. I want to show that I always told the truth. Everyone said I was lying back when the $5,000 check was an issue. It came out that I was telling the truth and McKinn was lying. McKinn still is associated with John Montano, Bob Arum, Janet Napoliano, Mary rose Garrido Wilcox & Earl Wilcox. So if they were part of a lie then, than probably they are lying now. In a public trial, which I am guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, the truth will come out.

Joe Diaz

The whole episode with McKinn and the $5,000 check/forgery is just the tip of the iceberg. The corruption in the Arizona Boxing Commission which I found out about and began to expose is the big story. The influence of these pipsqueak gangsters is possibly reaching the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court has asked for briefs from each party which may mean that oral arguments will not be heard. The judges will read the briefs and make their decision. I am up against powerful people who do not wish their fraudulent activities to come out in public court.

Because this is a Criminal Case, which I have brought, against a state commission (Arizona Boxing Commission), state officers (John Montano,Mary rose Garrido Wilcox & Earl Wilcox), and then governor (Janet Napolitano), the criminal case must be heard in a U.S. Court, see Constitution of the United States, Article 3. The far reaching effects of this case, has expanded to include Top Rank, Bob Arum, Bruce Trampler, et al.

The effects of the outcome of this case, is greater on the public officials since a conviction would mean loss of their public pensions, which are substancial. There is a lot of money at stake here besides the dirty laundry of Top Rank being aired in public.

The main part of the story is when I was training and promoting boxers at my gym I found out that some of them were illegals. Now in America today this does not have the impact it should but these illegals were convicted rapists, child molesters, kidnappers, fugitives and had served time in prison for their deeds. Unbeknownst to me, my gym and I were being used as a conduit to legitimize these men into American society. The Arizona Boxing Commission under the guidance of then Governor Napolitano who appointed County Supervisor Mary rose Garrido Wilcox as head of the Arizona Boxing Commission and Montano to the Arizona Boxing Commission (see Pipsqueak Gangsters), were giving false identifications to these thugs. I do not mean just an ABC card, I mean the total package, a Federal ID which leads to US Passports, State Drivers Licenses, etc.  They basically became US Citizens status, ILLEGALLY!   Ignorantly, I would travel with them to fight cards they were participating in I even flew to events with some. When I found out and began exposing the corruption of the ABC, they began attacking my reputation and my business.

In the Corruption section of this website I have shown some of the documents and listed the names of some of the fugitives. Most of them were arrested and deported. Also in that section is a letter from a Mr. Shannahan, an Ombudsman, please read it. The question I have for him is: did he actually see the applicant's documents, working visas, driver licenses, passports etc? Did you actually see the back of the applications where the applicant declared that they had never been convicted of any crime? Or did he just take the word of John Montano, McKinn and Mary rose Garrido Wilcox, Earl Wilcox and Gov. Napolitano that these fighters were who they claimed they were with no criminal records? We will be finding out by filing FOIA requests for your records and communications.

Joe Diaz