Gangsters- Men of Honor

The "Family" of gangsters took an oath to the "Family".  The oath had at least 10 conditions within it.  The following is the basics of that oath.


1- Protect all of the Family Business.

2- Never lie to a Family Member.

3- Never steal from your bosses

4- Let no one lie or tell a story about an associate so they can move up in rank.

5- Never discuss Family business with an outsider or outside of specified meetings.

6- Never kill anyone from law enforcement

7- Never defend yourself in court, use a lawyer.

8- Never "Rat Out" on a Family Member.

9-Support and take care of you immediate personal family.  Never discuss the Family Business with them.

10- Do not get egotistical about yourself.  buy and drive normal everyday cars like Chevys, Fords etc, not Mercedes Benz or other flashy cars.


This oath to the Family was taken very seriously by the memebers.  When a member was accused he was brought before the Family, a "Sit Down", and the issue was hashed out. If found guilty the member was killed.  Because of the sever nature of the sentence you never forgot the oath you took.


See- Pipsqueak Gangsters to see the Oath of office they took.


The Pipsqueak Gangsters (following section) who swear on the Bible and take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, their State Constitution and protect its citizens from its enemies foreign & domestic.  When they do not keep their oath of office what is their sentence?  When the knowingly abuse their power and purposefully break the oath of office for personal gain, what is their sentence?  They usually get away with it and often are reelected to office.  They need to be held accountable and removed from office and put in jail to serve the sentence they deserve.

Lucky Luciano

Little Augie Pisano

Carlo Gambino

Vito Genovese

Albert Anastasia

Simone " Sam the Plumber" De Cavalcante

Willie Moretti

Gaetano "Corky" Vastola

Ruggerio "Richie the Boot" Boiordo

Gerardo "Jerry" Catena

Nuncio "The Buffalo" sica

Nicky Scarfo

Angelo Bruno

Tommy Ryan Eboli

Joseph "Newsboy" Moriarty

Savatore Profaci

Carmine Galante

Frank Costello

The Gallo Brothers