The Wolverines

In 1949 I started along with 10 other Friends, mainly the Poor of St. Aloysius, our gang The Wolverines. By 1956 we had over 600 members. Along with the spartan ways of training their fighters I tried my best to follow their practices. For instance I walked from Duncan Ave in Jersey City N.J. forty seven miles to Macopin Road in West Milford N.J to Tonnele Ave to RT 46 West to RT 3 West to 23 West in to West Milford. It took three days and we would find different woods to lay down and sleep. I taught them how to build a fire, fish, hunt, wash in cold water from streams, and how to cook. One day a week I had supplies come to us from family members who had transportation. I feel to this day I kept a lot of members from getting into trouble. I kept them busy and tired. No one can take those memories away from me.

My family the Diaz Clan fought against the Franco Regime in the civil war in Spain. 1936-1939 1 million died.