Trainers & Cutmen



Professor Lou Stillman- New York

Freddie Brown- New York

Charlie Goldman- New York

Danny "Bang Bang" Wama- chicago & New York

Cus D'Amato- New York

Ray Arcel- New York

Angelo Dundee- New York

Chickie Farara- New York

Dominick Amoroso- New Jersey

Blinky Polermo- New York & New Jersey

Joey Sica- New York & New Jersey

Jimmy Wyle- New Jersey

Buddy McGirt- Florida

Eddie Mustafa-Nevada (Eddie Gregory, Light Heavyweight Champion)

Dominick Leonardo- New Jersey

Jimmy Montoya- Nevada & California

Joe Bofano- New Jersey

Dom Bofano- New Jersey

Don Bofano- New Jersey

Larry Hazzard- Boxing Commonwealth of New Jersey

Tommy Brooks- New Jersey

Don Givens- New Jersey


Floyd Mayweather Senior- Trainer & great Poet

Roger Mayweather- Best Mitt Man in boxing.  I provided sparring for young Floyd Mayweather and always paid their bills before leaving Phoenix, AZ.  Young Floyd has done more for the Golden gloves in Michigan than any other person.




Jacob Duran

Danny Milano

Scott Ardrey - tough Trainer for many Russian Champs.