Promoters are the backbone of the boxing business.  They do the nuts and bolts of a fight card, from gaining sponsers, working with a matchmaker to set up the card, arena lease, program design & printing, ticket sales, and advertising the event and on and on.  As in all business there are the good and the bad.  The list below is of GOOD PROMOTERS who worked and still work to put on an excellent card.  When corrupt comissioners at all levels have tried to gut the boxing business these promoters have kept the boxing business alive a flourishing. 


                          THE MOST HONEST PROMOTERS


Don Chargin and his dedicated wife Lorraine- What a team- Sacramento, CA


Jimmy Colotto- Jersey City, NJ- for 35years I have worked with Jimmy- selling tickets to help promote his and my fighters.


Lou Duva- Jersey City, NJ- He put my fighters on his cards.


Don King- in all my dealings with him a handshake was all that was needed to seal the agreement between us and the agreements were kept in full.  With others he wanted a written legal agreement.  The most important "love of his life" is his wife. 


Duke Stefano- Jersey City, NJ- A good man


Bobby Lee & Bobby Lee Jr.- They are so honorable that the pension money that they held for Luis Ramon "Yory Boy" Campas, keeping it in a trust for 20 years, was paid with the total interest to Luis Ramon "Yory Boy" Campas in 2012. 


Frank Paula- Jersey City, NJ- Frankie De Paula's uncle


Larry Webster- Prescott, AZ


Alphoso Olivares & sister- Phoenix, AZ & Mexico City, Mexico


Steve Eisner- Phoenix, AZ


Dianne Fisher- Dee-Lee Promotion, Atlantic City, NJ


Jim Bozell- Irish Ropes- New York, NY


Joe Pennisi- Austrailia


Steve Ayala- Phoenix, AZ


Brian Peters Promotions- Dublin, Ireland


Pekka Miki- Helsinki, Finland


Jorge DeCampo- Paramont Promotions- CA


Emanuel Stuart- Michigan


Sugar Ray Leonard- Maryland


Robert Diaz- Matchmaker, Golden Boy Promotions


Steve Lopez- Promoter for America West Arena- Michael Carbajal Fight


Jimmy Montoya- Guilty Promotions- Phoenix, AZ & Las Vegas, NV


Larry Lentz- Promoter & Fighter- Arizona


Troy Emerson- Promoter & Fighter- Arizona


Donald J. Trump