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Donald J Trump promoted the greatest fights, (1986) Tyson VS. Spinkes and today is the President of the United States of America. President Trump went back to his real estate business because he wanted no part of the corruption that exists in the sport of boxing. In fact Mike Tyson is alive today because of the good advice from Eddie Mustafa (Gregory), light heavyweight world champion, and President Donald J Trump.


To verify what I say about advice to Mike Tyson which is the truth, read and pick up the book by Jose Torres, world champion and boxing commissioner of New York, "Fire and Fear", 1989. 

Five books that everyone in America should try to read:

  1. Atlas Shrugged (1957) - By Ayn Rand
  2. Killing England - By Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
  3. Killing Crazy Horse - By Bill O’Reilly
  4. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, An American Legend - By Ted Nugent
  5. Unfreedom of the Press - By Mark R. Levin 

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From 2011 to December 2019 I have maintained and paid for this website with my own funds. I need your help to keep my website active to fight all corruption.


To all my fighters that I trained since 1963. Over 8600 fighters and some 4000 U.S.A boxing books. 28 world champions and 4 women champions. When I started in the sport of boxing in 1944 there were no USA boxing books. It was a A.A.U. card with lines on it to register your number of fights and your opponent. 

At this point of my life I still stay in touch with gym activities and road work (running). At eighty years old I need your help to continue fighting the corruption both by boxing commissions, promoters, manangers, and trainers in the professional and amateur ranks. 

Since 2005 I have been in the Arizona civil, superior, and finally got to district federal court system without any lawyers. The first lawyer I had no more money to pay. I spent over $55,000 before I had to file my own brief. Alone with my fighter Ramon Luis “Yory Boy” Campas I paid $150.00 for federal marshalls each to serve papers to whom I accused of corruption. The brief was filed in Judge Susan Bolton’s courtroom a very noble person that I know that she respects the law. Papers were served against the individuals who ran the Top Rank Inc. organization in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The boxing commision of Arizona. Director John Montono, Chairperson Mary Rose Garrido Wilcox and husband Earl Wilcox. Aid to Governor Napolitano - Janet Napolitano - Secretary of Homeland Security. Peter McKinn, promoter for the Top Rank in Arizona. He and Bruce (phony) Trampler - Vice President of Top Rank. Gabe Esqueda, the bodyguard for Peter McKinn III, who later wore a tape recorder for the organized unit crime in Phoenix Arizona. L.A. Times reporters and an Arizona Republic reporter and many others they tried to get me thrown out saying and telling Judge Susan Bolton that “Joe Diaz is not a lawyer”. Judge Bolton replied that “The brief that Joe Diaz filed is in good standing” they all had to send the court their answers to my charges. So here I have all the answers to my charges and here comes another law firm. They took my case on a pro bono basis. From this time in 2006 to 2007 I gave all paperwork to the new firm. I could not continue in Judge Susan Bolton’s court room with answering the replies because I am not a lawyer. Yet instead of taking my case back into the same court, I feel one of the lawyers of this firm was connected in Las Vegas Nevada where he had an office and knew all my opponents lawyers. From 2006 it took to finally arrive at the supreme court of the U.S. to be told that I lost my pleas on statute of Limitations in 2013. 

I need your help to continue my fight. 

Thank you 
Joe Diaz 


P.S. why I feel the fix was in by one of the lawyers. The head lawyer fired his partner and told him to “pack all his files and never come back”. All that time I didn’t know why. I feel I know now. I helped carry some of the boxes and took them in his station wagon. 2013 in Montana, Madison River Ranch, Three Forks, Montana.


Since 2001 Joe Diaz Top Level Boxing Inc. 
Has been an I.R.S 501-C 
That took many thousand of dollars 
Videos, Letters from families, on my fight against drugs and gangs. 

My program with proper diet along with certain vitamins to help reduce high blood pressure, heart conditions, and alzheimer's dementia, diabetes and mobility. 

With any dollar donation and return address I will send you my diet sheet. 

Check or money orders made out to Joe Diaz Top Level Boxing INC. Over 4 million people since 1963 have tried my diet and it has been successful. 


If Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Deputy Chief David Hendershot had not listened to my story on how they forged my signature on a receipt, saying that they paid me in full in cash for a bad check. The organized crime unit came in and Peter McKinn was charged with 5 felonies and went to jail - a big weight came off my shoulders. Like Pedro Fernandez of ringtalk.com said, 60% of all Top Rank fights are fixed. Example - Oscar De La Hoya vs Ramon Luis “Yory Boy” Campas - fight was fixed.



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The Supreme Court

10 years.  10 years.  A Decade of carrying this case on, we have finally made it to the Supreme Court of the United States.  After this long ordeal our case will be heard.  Our briefs have been presented and our lawyer is prepared.  There are many aspects to this case and the one glaring aspect jumps right off the pages of the Declaration of Independence.  Of the 27 listed grievances the Founding Fathers listed against King George of England was this one-


“He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.”


This is what AZ Boxing Commissioner & County Supervisor Mary Rose Garrido Wilcox, Sec of Homeland Security & then Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, Gov Napolitano advisor Earl Wilcox, AZ Boxing Director John Montano and Promoter Peter McKinn III et al., did to me, Joe Diaz, and Luis Ramon Campas.

They took us out of the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America's Bill of Rights, the State of Arizona and the AZ Boxing Commission BELIEVING THEY WERE ABOVE THE LAW and waged WAR against us.  They had the same attitude as King George.


This they did because I found out about the scheme they had going on bringing the worst illegal aliens into the United States.  They brought in hardened criminals, child molesters, kidnappers, rapists, and forgers, from Mexico, legitimizing their stay in the United States through the AZ Boxing Commission, which helped them to have Federal Identification Cards.  


They “abdicated Government here”.


Then when I began telling the truth they “declared us out of their protection and waged WAR against us”.  They did everything in their power to destroy us.  They stripped Luis Ramon Campas of his license to fight because I was his manager. They stripped me of my license, without “due process”, without provocation, destroyed my business, my source of income, they slandered my good name and pushed me to the limit causing enough stress on my life that I had a heart attack and almost died.   But to their chagrin I did not die and after that I have made it my mission to bring these people to justice, no matter how long it takes.


Elected & appointed government officials need to be held accountable.  Not just with a slap on the wrist or a “time out”.  If they are found guilty they need to be stripped of their office, forfeit their salaries, pensions and any prestige gained in office and SERVE JAIL TIME.   That message would resonate throughout government.  Tyranny & Corruption will not be tolerated.

At this time Mary Rose Garrido Wilcox is running for Senator of Arizona in the November election.  She is a defendant in my case before the Supreme Court of the United States.  For the people of Arizona to elect her would show how far we Arizonans have slipped down from the ideals of the Founding Fathers, who pledged their lives to be free from tyranny, and to hold accountable those in government who were tyrants.


Joe Diaz

August 2014

Joe Diaz’s Dictionary has these definitions:

Political- Scheming outside the law for power and money.

Coyote- The lowest animal on the predatory food chain, feeding on defenseless smaller animals.

Hence the following people fit the description of the definition of these two words put together: POLITICAL COYOTE:

They are Janet Napolitano, Mary Rose Garrido Wilcox, Earl Wilcox, John Montano and Peter McKinn III.  When decisions of elected or appointed officials are made The People need to know why the decision was made.  Transparency in this form of government, a Democratic Republic, is paramount.  Questions need to be asked and government officials need to answer, without hesitation or arrogance, they are OUR EMPLOYEES.

These people all gained from the graft of human trafficking.  They exploited the fighters and did not protect the People of Arizona.

I have some question for ex Gov Napolitano: 1) Why did you appoint Mary Rose Garrido Wilcox as AZ Boxing Commissioner?  She had no qualifications to be in that position.  There were more qualified people to be appointed to that position.  Why her?  She already had enough to do as a County Supervisor.  Why her? 

2) Why did you appoint John Montano as AZ Boxing Director when you knew he was under investigation in Puerto Rico.  Oh Yes- he opened a bank account in Arizona and brought money here gained under false pretences (check -pipsqueak gangsters)- did he “grease your palm” with it?  He probably didn’t reveal it to you, a copout, like you did not reveal that you were named in my lawsuit so you could become Sec of Homeland Security.  The position you trashed and made a mockery of.

3) Why did you appoint Earl Wilcox to your staff?  Well that question has an obvious answer, he is tied to his wife’s “apron strings” she is the “Mano” of the house.

There will be other questions at a later installment of  POLITICAL COYOTES on this website- check us out again.


Joe Diaz

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Court Case to be heard before 9th Circuit Court

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Yes we are looking for contributions.  This website is responsible for the resignation of Janet Napolitano as Sec. of Homeland Security.  Even though she is a defendant in a lawsuit which is 10 years old and the case is scheduled to be argued before the 9th Circuit Court, she kept it quiet when going through the Senate's approval process. When several senators were informed, that this website explained that she was a defendant in a lawsuit, they pressured the President and she resigned.

This is why we are asking for contributions, to keep this website up and informing people about the corruption of their elected officials and appointees, and how it affects decisions made about your life.


Contributions should be made by check to:

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The Truth of how the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE got built & What "Give me five" really means.


The real story of the African American

The Reason For This Website


There are many reason for this website. Foremost is to compare the corruption in boxing to the corruption that is destroying the American people and the oldest sport on this planet - Boxing.

We, the citizens, the voters, should oppose, stop, and correct the ongoing abuses by the oath-takers.


In particular in the state of Arizona, Ex-Governor Janet Napalitano - now EX-secretary of homeland securitybecause of this website. Earl Wilcox - who became aide to the Ex- Governor of Arizona, Janet Napalitano. Mary Rose Gurrido Wilcox - still elected county supervisior of district #5 in Phoenix, Arizona and past chairman of the Arizona Boxing Commission. For they all protected Top Rank promoter Peter Mckinn, Bob Arum, Bruce Trampler, and other pipsqueak gangsters with false documents and statements bribed and intimidated the court system and judges. Why? Because to stop me from finding out that the Oscar De La Hoya vs Luis Ramon 'Yory Boy' Campas fight was fixed. See 'Pimping of a Fighter'.

After going over the transcripts and tapes received last week, I  Believe that Oscar De La Hoya knew that his win over Campas was a fix, go watch the video.   

So I say that any no-oath-taker in Arizona has the constitutional authority to oppose, contradict, defy, deny and violate the very documents to which he or she swore and affirmed their oath. Why take an oath? You will later see different oaths from gangsters, pipsqueak gangsters, military, etc. Anyone who is part of the tear down of America should go to prison. Oath-takers have become domestic enemies. The people of America deserve better. The laws of the land, the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights. The Supreme laws of our country are being violated. The judges in the court system violate the oaths taken and oppose and disparage due process of the law and Secured rights guaranteed to the people in both the state and national constitutions.


All I am asking is for someone who reads this website understand that I have documents and persons alive that can testify. Are illegal voters so important? Is the I.R.S and F.B.I only for working stiffs but not for the chosen few? While we are still free demand to investigate how these forces tried to destroy me and stop me from finding out what they were up to and who they were protecting. Power? Money?


Also in the past nine (9) years, Since 2004, I am in debt in the amount of $841,000.00 to people and friends who before I die have to be paid. Some of them don't want there money back. They just want to see me win. No way. Forget about it. I have to pay everyone back. My lawyers since 2006 have never given me a bill. They have to be paid!!! I am now in the 9th circuit court of appeals in San Francisco, California.

Now take Mr. John Montano, director of the Arizona boxing commission for 33 years. His Arizona pension should be revoked. He licensed rapists, kidnappers, forgery experts, and many others with criminal records. He destroyed a commissioner, Mr. Friedman, because Mr. Friedman was asking to many questions. He lost in the Puerto Rico court system that he took $70,000.00 from the World Boxing Organization and got fined $200,000.00. See Capital Times of Arizona, Bill Coats - reporter. He backed Peter Mckinn III with acceptance of fake documents, false $5,000.00 receipt that Mckinn forged my name, no money in the bank account, and false affidavid from Gabe Esqueda - partner of Mckinn the III which was created in Mckinn's lawyers office, Milo Inequez on 16th street in Pheonix.


Mr. Montano, I am told that your wife is related to the great President of Mexico, Cardenas. Is it true or a rumor? Is it True that your wifes brother is Jose Cardenas of channel #8 horizonite and A.S.U law professor and a member and lawyer for the law firm of Louis and Rocca, that represented Bob Arum in federal court in 2006, with Judge Bolton. Is it true?? Why do Mexican presidents influence American politics and decisions?


In April 2011, Peter Mckinn admitted to three(3) felonies - forgery of my name, no money in the bank, and false affidavit. Also Mr. Montano and his brother Manuel created the U.B.F (Universal Boxing Federation). I think I'm the only sucker that paid $3,000.00 for this phony title in 1997 between Fidel Hernadez vs Juan Mesa. I still have the cash reciept that was signed by John Montano. It was in cash. I would like to know and see the bank statement that shows the UBF getting the cash into the account. Or did John Montano and his brother Manuel split the cash?


In 2007, when Mr. Bob Arum submitted his affidavit on the $100,000.00 bout sheet agreement, he forgot to show Lewis and Rocca the original pay stub that explained what was taken out of Campas's purse of $100,000.00. An advance of $20,000.00 on a check marked advance in February 20, 2003. The check was never signed? $18,000.00 sanctioning fee?? $10,000.00 for a urine test that actually cost $46.00? A managers license that cost $1,000.00?? Campas picked up a check of $20,255.00?? How come, Mr Arum? And Mr De La Hoya got paid $11,000,000.00 for the same fight. You forgot to tell your lawyer that you robbed a 6th grade mexican fighter of his wages. I wonder what Federal Judge Susan Bolton would have said and Lewis and Rocca, your lawyers?? See 'Pimping of a Fighter'.


I want to make it clear, after going over new information, that I, Joe Diaz, sincerely believe that Oscar De La Hoya DID KNOW that his fight with Luis Ramon 'Yory Boy' Campas was fixed.


On the history of Luis Ramon Campas “Yory Boy” who came to the U.S.A. to fight many times you will learn that with a 6th grade education he became a legend in boxing as one of the best in the world of body punchers.  You will see that even though he had a legal Visa to work as a fighter in our country, you are going to learn of corrupt political officials that took his license and my license on July 9, 2005 because we filed a complaint that a $5,000.00 check dated May 8, 2004 was never paid to us.  You will learn about the IRS Publication 901, U.S. Tax Treaties, pg 10, in which Mexican fighters or any other sport, will not pay IRS Taxes as long as it does not exceed $3,000.00 paid in the U.S.  They knew Joe Diaz was going to find out.  They also tried to keep me from finding out about Federal ID’s being given to criminals who came & were deported many times & served prison time and some of those fighters were under contract with me! 

Montano, Director of Boxing for 33years, Mary Rose (Garrido) Wilcox, Chairman of the Arizona boxing commission, Earl V. Wilcox, owner of Grant Park Boxing Gym or Wilcox Boxing Gym, aid to ex Gov. Janet Napolitano, now Sec. of Homeland Security & Bruce Trampler, matchmaker (vice president) of Top Rank Promotions & others in Top Rank and other criminal individuals with prison & criminal records were used to speak at boxing commission meetings against Joe Diaz & Campas.  You will see their pictures and crimes against an innocent Mexican citizen who was a guest in the U.S.A. to give the crowd a good fight.  At 32yrs of age they took away the ability to earn a living from the only thing he has performed from the age of 12 years old until now as I write he is 41 years old. 

Montano & Wilcox blackballed us in the U.S.A.   Faxes were sent out to Red Flag our way of earning a living.  This Web Site is a necessity for the boxing world- fans and supporters that should know the truth.  The laws, the courts were lied to with fraudulent documents used to close the lower, Superior and Federal Courts to us.  They produced false information even to their lawyers and used the Power of the U.S. Government against a poor Mexican fighter, Luis Ramon Campas, and his trainer, Joe Diaz.

This Website is not for fame but to deal out justice in our great courts that serve our country.  I will never stop fighting until I die for this cause, this fight is right, this fight is for justice for the every fighter living or dead.  Everybody on this planet has rights.  These political people swore oaths that they would defend those rights & they didn’t.  They have to pay.  They have to plead “guilty your honor” in court as Peter Mckinn did in April of 2011.  He pleaded “Guilty Your Honor” to three felonies, 1- Forgery 2-issuing a check without funds in the account (5/8/2004) 3- filing false affidavits that the monies were paid to Joe Diaz by himself and his partner Garbriel Esqueada.




Joe Diaz

 Trainer & Manager of

Luis Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas


P.S., we had to go and fight in Mexico, Finland, Ireland, and Australia.  Finally New Jersey Commissioner Mr. Larry Hazzard, was the first to license us again.  He saw the truth from the records we showed him, then other states followed, and we were again licensed across the U.S.A.


Peter Mckinn III of top rank is not Irish he is a Mexican-American, John Montano is a Mexican-American, Mary Rose Garrido Wilcox is Mexican-American, Norma Rivero, Secretary to John Montano, is Mexican-American.  The reason I mention this is, how can Mexican-Americans do this to their own people.  The hard working Mexican-American and Mexican people are the ones who suffer at the hands of their own.

I bring this up because I have been accused of defending a Mexican Fighter because I am Mexican.  I am a Caucasian (see About Me) and I will defend any fighter of mine no matter what the race, it does not matter where you are from but that you are my fighter.


Joe Diaz

Three things to remember 1) "You are never too old to fight back" 2) "Getting old ain't for sissies" 3) "The less you move the stiffer you get"

Joe Diaz celebrating a legal victory.

Hi I am Joe Diaz a Boxing Manager, Trainer and Gym Owner.  I want to WELCOME YOU to my website.  This website is dedicated to CLEANING UP THE BOXING BUSINESS, especially here in Arizona.  I have fought over a decade long personal and legal battle against corrupt politial officials who used associations with corrupt boxing commissioners to gain power and finances for themselves.  All the time they are gaining the citizens of the United States are losing.  We name names and show documented proof which is of public record to back our case.


This website is supported by my SPONSORS.  Local business who have pleged financial support for it.  Ultimately YOU are the support.  If you love the sport of boxing and like what I am doing, patronize the SPONSORS and when you do tell them "JOE SENT ME".  This will let them know you have been to my website and probably get you a better deal.


In the categories of this website are in the upper left of this page and will be added to or changed from time to time.  As new information is added the "heads up" will be in the uppper right hand corner, so you can go to the page and find the new information.


Check out my history, where I came from and what makes me tick.  I am a proud citizen of the United States of America.  I have been a successful business owner and have slept on the floor in the back of my gym.  I have survived the attacks against my character and person. 


One of my favorite US Presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, gave a speech called "Citizenship in a Republic".  Within that speech he used a story he called,

"The Man in the Arena".  This is how it goes:


It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.  The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiams, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.




I was born June- 1940, in Vigo, Spain, in the Celtic Province of Galicia. The population of Spain consisted of 42 million Spaniards and 8.5 million Gallegos. The Gallegos are the Bagpipers of Spain. Approx 6,000 years ago the Gallegos took our bagpipes to what is now Ireland & Scotland. Celts settled in Ireland and Kelts in Scotland. To the Gallegos bagpipe they added the Third Drone, which differentiates our bagpipe from theirs. This invasion was called the Malusion Intrusion of the Ilse. The Gallegos have a 15,000 year old civilization. The original Galacia was in the area of modern Turkey. The 2nd Galacia was in what is now Poland.

I was born right after the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Shortly after I was born we moved to 134 West 66th Street, New York City, New York. In 1960 they tore down the apartments I lived in and built Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.This is also known as the The Kennedy Center. On Friday Nights my Uncle Manny or my Grandfather Antonio would take me across Broadway to the St. Nicks Arena to watch boxing matches. I was underage but since my Uncle had connections I always got in. The matches would last until 11 pm or midnight. Since I got home so late my mother was usually upset.

At St. Nicks one night, in 1947, I witnessed the death of a great fighter, Benny Leonard. Benny had retired from boxing and became a referee. One night he was refereeing several matches and during one fight he happened to take a blow to the chest when "breaking" the two fighters apart. At the end of the match he collapsed in the ring and died. After that the boxing commissions decided that at least two referees would work the fight card alternating fights so each could have a breather. The St. Nicks Arena is now the site of the CBS Studios. Across the street from the CBS Studios is the underground garage where the horse stables are that house the horses you see in Central Park. Much of the buildings have changed but the boxing lore from that area is still alive in me today.

In 1944 I started in boxing by joining the Police Athletic League in New York City. They built a platform that they referred to as the "highchair" for me so I could reach the speed bag. In 1945 Mayor O'Dyer of New York City made a visit to our gym. I carried it with me when I moved to Jersey City. I became a member of the A.A.U. and in 1948 started boxing in amateur boxing matches. That same year Dominick Amoroso became my trainer. Many of those matches were held in Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Sorrows, The YMCA, The C.Y.O., Holy Rosary, St. Michaels Union City, and Sunny Side Garden's in Long Island.  In 1959 just before I got married I represented the Dept of Parks, located in Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City.  I became the captain of the boxing team which fought in the Golden Gloves in New York under trainers Bill & Mike Annese.  Roosevelt Stadium was where Ray Robinson fought Charlie Fussari.  This is were I got  Frankie De Paula started in boxing.  We went to school together at St Aloysius.  That is a story for another day.  Jack Smith, columnist for the New Jersey Section of the New York Daily News,  wrote about me being captain of a strong Golden Gloves team representing Dept of Parks from Jersey City, New Jersey.

In 1964 I was a professional boxer. During this period I met Charley Goldman & Oscar Bonevena. I was training at Harry Wiley's Gym at 136th St & Broadway. Danny "Bang Bang" Wama became my personal trainer. I sparred with middleweight Henry Roundtree, from Teaneck, New Jersey and Joe Vela from Cliffside Park, New Jersey was my manager.

Boxing, as they say, "is in my blood" and I love the purity of the sport. I have always maintained a high level of integrity as a Gym owner, trainer and manager. There are people who have attacked that integrity and at this time I would like to expose the lies they have written and spoken about me.

Tom Gaffney said he introduced me to professional boxing. That is a lie. My first association with Tom Gaffney was as a professional boxing manager. He was promoting a boxing match at Gramm Central Station. He and I agreed to have 5 of my fighters on the card and a dollar amount that the fighters would receive was set. Before the last fight he snuck out with the money. My 5 fighters did not get the money they were promised by him. Their opponents were all paid in full. The next day I filed charges against him with the Boxing Commission Of Arizona and the Attorney Generals Office. He was found guilty. He had to pay them in full, which he did, and his boxing promoter's license for Arizona was suspended. It is public record.

The next association with Tom Gaffney was when I took over and signed a new lease on the boxing gym building which Tom Gaffney had leased. The gym was failing and when the lease was up I signed a new one with the property owner Mike Pollock. The gym under my ownership was a success. It was so successful that in May 1997 Arizona's Consumer Advantage wrote an article in which they stated "Joe Diaz's Top Level Boxing Gym at 13075 North Cave Creek Rd. draws members of all ages. Since 1964 Joe Diaz trained over 8,000 fighters, both professional and amateur, in his gyms." Top Rank boxing even took notice of Joe's gym. In 2003, Bob Arum, President of Top Rank, Bruce Trampler, matchmaker, and Peter McKinn III, promoter, presented the gym with a plaque. The brass & wood plaque read "In Appreciation for his Outstanding Efforts in the Sport of Boxing we recognize Joe Diaz."

Shortly after this plaque I received I found out just what Arum, Trampler and McKinn were doing. To find out more about the truth of the dealings of promoter Peter McKinn III go to RingTalk.com, Sonorannews.com or Examiner.com.

Other References

Channel 15 Arizona, Sept, Oct, Nov 2009 Reporter, Josh Bernstein & Director, Daniel Segal. Arizona Capitol Times, Articles by Bill Coates spanning 2005 through 2011 The Arizona Republic, stories found in Sports- 2004-2005

I will be adding to this page information about- The Real Top Rank Story. The involvement and association of Peter McKinn III, Mary Rose (Gurrido) Wilcox, Earl Wilcox, Bruce Trampler, Bob Arum, Cameron Duncan, Pete Susans, Sean Gibbons, John Montaño, and ex Arizona Gov Janet L Napalitano, Secretary of Homeland Security.

Check here from time to time as I reveal the acquaintances I have had with people in boxing over the years. The "Real Men of Honor" (gangsters) and the "Pipsqueak gangsters" of today. I will list the champions who I trained and managed and the champions who trained in my gyms in Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

The Three Greatest Presidents

The three greatest presidents were:


1- President George Washington- Mother Nature Forged & Molded & prepared him to be President.


2- President Thomas Jefferson- Co Author of The Declaration of Independence-U.S. constitution with the Bill of Rights.  One of his inventions was the grid pattern for streets and avenues for all U.S. States.


3- President Theodore Roosevelt- "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick"- he was a natural warrior and because of him we have our National Parks System.


My Friend-Benjamin Franklin, the Genius- He  said " the training of a child begins before birth".  He invented the American Stove, Post Office, State Militias to defend each state, Fire Departments, Police Stations, State Troopers, Local Sheriff Departments for each state and electric gagets.   He devised the Lottery to raise funds for the Army, & state needs.  While in Paris he was quite a ladies man.


To a real friend- Bernard McFadden- first American Nutritionist who gave me great advice on nutrition, which I pass on to countless families and fighters of mine.  In my life the first nutritionists were my father and mother.

This is a 40ft sign which hung in Joe Diaz's Gym.