President Nixon


The True Story of Joseph Sica and Blinky Palermo's dealings with Richard Nixon.


During the 1970’s I became very close to Nunzio Sica.  In August of 1974, the Italians,  in my area of New Jersey were celebrating in their homes,  laughing, having dinners and toasting some event.  I asked Nunzio, “What is all the celebrating about”.  He replied that they were celebrating the forced resignation of President Nixon.  “Why all the joy and happiness because the President resigned”, I questioned.  This is the story Nunzio told me:

Nunzio’s older brother Joey Sica and a friend Blinky Palermo were on trial for racketeering, fixing fights and associating with known criminals in the late 1940’s.  They were found guilty and were sent to prison to serve a 20 year sentence.  Joey and Blinky and their families wanted an appeal.  The law firm handling their defense expressed that they had a “hot shot” lawyer named Richard Nixon who could file an appeal and get Joey and Blinky out of prison.  The cost of the appeal would be $60,000.00, a huge sum at that time.

All of the Sica brothers and family got together and spread the word to the Italian and Sicilian families in the area.  These hard working families donated every denomination of U.S. currency they could, $1.00 bills, $5.00 bills, $10’s, $20’s, $50’s, $100’s they even had 4- $500 bills and 6- $1,000 bills.  The outpouring was tremendous to have the appeal filed.

After the currency was counted in Nutley, New Jersey, it was put, as instructed, in a burlap potato sack.  As instructed, Nunzio and 5 other trusted men took the sack to the drop off.  The property had a stone wall around it and two iron gates at the entrance.  Nunzio took the bag to the gate and rings the bell, a voice states “Throw the bags over the gates”.  Nunzio was scared and runs back to the car.  “What is wrong?” the men in the car ask.  “I heard a voice tell me to throw the bag over the gate” he replied.  “Go and do as you were told” the angered men exclaimed.  So Nunzio went back and heaved the bag over the gates and ran back to the car.  The appeal was never filed by Nixon.  Joey and Blinky were left to rot in prison for the next 20 years.

“That is why we are all celebrating”, Nunzio told me.  Nixon got what was coming to him, discrace and humiliation.    I almost couldn’t believe the story.  The next year, 1975, I was in Burbank, California at Sir Sica’s Restaurant on San Fernando Road having dinner with the brothers, Joey, Nunzio and the owner Frankie “Bugy” Sica.  As the opportunities arose, when alone, I asked each brother about the story and each gave a similar account of what happened, which confirmed to me the story was true.

Now, Nunzio was a mentor to me and always gave me good advice and kept me away from “traps”.  He was owner of United Flasher Inc. and I always contracted his company to provide the safety flashers on my construction jobs.  He would reciprocate and recommend my company for construction jobs , it was a great relationship.

His brother, Jimmy Wyle (Sica), worked at United Flasher Corp. on Skyler Ave. in Kearny, New Jersey  and I knew him because he was a great boxing trainer and our paths crossed in the gyms and at boxing matches.  The whole Sica family and friends were good to me and I was saddened when  they each died, Nunzio when he was in his 60’s, Joey when he reached the great age of 98 and Blinky at 93 years old.

So here it is again.  What oath had more merit, the “Men of Honor” or the pipsqueak gangsters (politicians)?  The United States of America has been the greatest country in the known history of this planet.   Yet we are allowing the “bankruptcy”, both financially and culturally, of our country because of politicians embracing the anti American special interest groups agenda. 

The blueprint of 1905 is working for the people who hate America, Americans and its Constitution.  These anti American groups have brainwashed our youth, Your Children, through Hollywood videos, video games, music, the mainstream media, gotten terrible ambiguous laws passed by the government and caused too much power to be held by bureaucrats.  They are attacking our God Given Rights. 

So turn off Oprah, Katie and TV altogether and take responsibility for yourselves and your family, read Thomas Pain’s, Common Sense, found in every library in America and read the Constitution of the United States of America.




Joe Diaz