I am Joe Diaz. This section is titled above because that is what it will be about. I am 74 years old and have watched this great nation be destroyed from within. This section will be pointed at you, the reader and not too nicely. A Note: when you see the 3 dot punctuation marks "..." it means there are words and related thoughts expressed before the words which are typed after that punctuation mark- so go find the section and read the whole thing.
Have YOU read the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence? If you have not READ THEM start TODAY! They are easily obtainable on line and they are often given away in small pamphlets for free by various organizations. They should be read and re-read about every 3-5 years.
Let us start with a basic understanding of what the United States Constitution decrees about Congressional responsibilities relating to money and what the Founding Fathers believed about individual wealth and national wealth.

Article 1, Section 8- The Congress shall have Power To.......Coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, ....
Article 1, Section 10- No State shall enter into any treaty,...make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts....

These are simple statements but in summary, "Coin Money" means a hard precious metal piece. That the metal shall be gold or silver as clarified in section 10. Paper money was and is worth nothing. Coined monies had not only value in the individual coin but also the value of the backing of the nation's finances. The basic idea behind this was that wealth of the nation shall be HELD BY THE CITIZENS, not the government. The Founding Father's experience with King George of England and his titled cronies (sounds like Obama) taught them a valuable lesson about the consolidation of wealth held by a few taken from the labors of the many. The Founding Fathers wanted the wealth of the nation to be in the hands of the people and therefore the government becomes a servant of the citizens not the other way around.
The period from 1783-1787 when the Confederation of States was the governing entity was a shambles. The 13 colonies were actually 13 countries and each had their own paper currency. This was a disastrous and perilous time. It was a lesson on "currency" value and one reason the Constitutional Delegates wanted the word "Coin" used in the Constitution. More on this later.

My predictions with references and explanations in following sections:
These are my predictions as I have lived 74years of my life in this Great country called, The United States of America. The blueprint of 1905, known as the "tear down of America" was firmly in play by 1913 with the invention of the (1)Federal Reserve. From (2) Bernard Baruch, Greenspan, to Bernanke they have kept printing money to a total of 300 trillion dollars with nothing, like gold or silver to back it up.

The teardown is first to control the money, (3) the income tax to see what people are worth, control the school systems and the books that students read. Control the masses by (4)men buying & owning the thousands of newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations in order to brain wash all of America.

I have lived in Phoenix for 20years, and during that time I worked with and trained many fighters. I worked with male and female fighters guiding them in the disciplines' of boxing. I was trying to instill in them the work/practice ethic and showing them that there is no shortcut to success in boxing or in life. I tried to instill in them a discerning thinking pattern giving them the mental tools to be successful in life. Boxing is not just about the 3 minutes in the ring (goal) it is about having a heart (spirit) to know what you are doing is good, a mind (intellect, personality) to discern obstacles, knowing good and evil and a body (flesh & blood) which is trained to dish out and take and still be standing when the contest is finished.

I fought for and with them against the Hollywood myths portrayed in movies, videos and magazines. I blame Hollywood and its portrayed myths that drugs are good, that a violent life is best, and pornography is acceptable. They are attacking our youths. The music they produce is driving our youth to try mind/personality altering drugs which causes an instable thoughts and violent mood swings.

The Hollywood cesspool produces pornography and splashes it into movies/into malls/video billboards even sports (5). Remember that the cesspool in the White House was elected by you "the people". If you, as a culture are corrupt, then the people you elect and allow to stay in office will be corrupt. Sometimes crap does roll uphill.

I had a sign made by Budget Sign Co. in 2010 (it is shown on the introduction page of Pipsqueak Gangsters). I secured it on the outside wall of my gym facing Washington Avenue. The sign called for the impeachment of the Liar, Obama , and include other pipsqueak gangster politicians.
If there was a civil war in America at this time there would be 100,000,000 (one hundred million) American causalities. In this civil war the gangs and illegal drug infrastructure will fight for survival against all others. They must be disposed of first. There will be no uniforms or clear geographic lines to divide warring ideologies. The local police, sheriffs, F.B.I. and military will try to bring order to America.

Before this civil war happens the stock market will drop 5,000 to 6,000 points in a day and with the fiat money the Fed is printing a loaf of bread will cost $100.00 (6).
Wake up Citizens of The United States of America. Demand that impeachment proceedings begin, recall the congressmen and senators who stomp on your God given rights and the US Constitution. We are at the point of no return, either speak now or fight later.

Joe Diaz