Rick Romley, former Maricopa County Attorney

In 2010 the following letter was sent to Joe Diaz by the Maricopa County Attorney's office.  The case was transferred to Gila County because of a "conflict of interest". What "conflict of interest" was there?  Did Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox or Earl Wilcox have any influence in Rick Romley's decision?  Did Rick Romley owe them a favor?


This change of venue actually caused Joe Diaz a hardship since he now had to travel approx 200 miles to the court.  Besides when Joe Diaz traveled to the Gila County Court on the day his trial was supposed to start the Maricopa County Attorney's office did not send the case documents to the Gila County Court.  Hence the trip was for naught.


This is an example of political corruption and the hardship the poitically powerful cause the citizens of the United States.  Joe Diaz has stayed the course on this lawsuit even when all Joe had on his side was THE TRUTH!!