My Fighters

JOE DIAZ has managed, trained and been associated with many boxers.  Some are well known and many are known in their local or region.  All have gained much fom their association with JOE. The photos and testimonies of the fighters confirm their respect and admiration of JOE DIAZ. 


The reasons why I lost fighters was because of women, drugs, gangs, alcohol and "fathers" who never fought in the ring themselves and decided they knew more than the trainer, manager and promoter who have the best interest in the fighter.  Everyone is so concerned about their financial future not their son's and daughter's future.  The corrupt commisioners caused the greatest loss to my gym.  It has taken seven years of court proceedings to finally clear my name and start the criminal proceedings against the people who have benifited from the corruption in the Arizona Commission.  It involves Peter McKinn who admitted in court before the judge to forging my name on a cash receipt, a false affitdavit with his partner Gabriel Esqueda in McKinn's lawyers office. 

Ray Martinez trained at Joe Diaz Top Level Boxing Gym for a short time.
Troy "The Apostle" Emerson
Joe Diaz, Yory Boy Campas, Angelo Dundee, Pedro Saldana, & Jose Torres in 2009 photo, Tampa, Florida.
Rodrigo "El Toro" Hernandez, Joe Diaz, Manager & Trainer, 1996-2010.
Yori Foreman trainer Tommy Brooks trained some of his fighters at Joe Diaz Top Level Boxing Gym over the years, Dante Craig, Gold Medalist in 2000 Olympics, Demetrius Hopkins cousin of Bernard Hopkins, Shawn George among the best trained by Tommy Brooks
Trained by his father Max Walker in Mesa's Gym. One of the most polite persons I have encountered. His father worked the corner with me over the years.
Jerry "School Boy" Cheetam, trained for a while at Joe Diaz Top Level Boxing Gym.
Roy Smith, Joe "JoJo" Varela, Joe Diaz & Fidel Hernandez in 1996 photo.
Top Row- Jesse Silva, Jonathan "Rocky" Ochoa, Barbara LLoyd -- Bottom Row- Jay Silva, Benny Topete, Freedman "The Machine" Taft
Standing- Jonathan "Rocky" Ochoa, Freedman "The Machine" Taft, Benny Topete, Stephen "The Bull" Franco, Jesse Silva, Jay Silva - Kneeling- Marco Ochoa, Victor Cruz.
Jesse Silva
Jesse & Jay Silva- Gene Lewis Tournament in Mesa- 2003
Roy Smith- Thank You Photo to Joe Diaz.
Jesse Silva
Jesse Silva
Julian Silva (6 yrs old) started boxing at age 5 he is now 13 year old.
The Cox Gym was located at 32nd St. & Washington St. in Phoenix Arizona- This is in Billy Cox's memory he died at an early age. He is responsible for teaching Andrew Soto the boxing business and how to run a gym which is now called KnockOut Boxing.
Hector Camacho Jr & Yory Boy Campas prefight photo from the El Paso, Texas Fight, 2010.
Tony "The Tiger" Baltazar & Sugar Ray Leonard
Rodrigo "El Toro" Hernandez, Joe Diaz & Bruce May after Bruce's first fight.
Jesus Magana
Buddy McGirt -The Fighter with the Heart of a Lion