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John Montano was Kept by Gov. Janet Napolitano as Director of Boxing to the Arizona State Boxing Commission even thought he was still a defendant in a law suite brought by the World Boxing Organization.

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Diary of an Arizona Boxing Event and the treatment of Local Arizona Fighters by the Arizona Boxing Commission.

John Montano, two fighters & Freeman Taft, Elena Reid.

Mr Montano,

How come you allowed in 2000 at the Pheonix Coliseum, the Vassily Jirov vs Earl Butler fight?? Jirov was the Olympic champion of Russia. His record was 30-0. Earl Butler only had 16 fights. So to get ranking for Jirov, they fought for the  Light-Heavy weight title in Arizona. Now Jirov had ranking. What did John Montano get in return?The rumor, the story that Jirov's manager supplied all the marble for John Montano's new home in Leveen, Arizona. True or False??