Quarico "Willie" Moretti

When you are a young boy, you hear the rumor machine. Sometimes it’s all true and sometimes it’s OVER EXAGGERATED.  In this case the story on the street and in the gyms was the actual story of why Willie Moretti got shot to death.


The story which ran in the newspapers was false.  The papers’ story line was that Willie had a case of the STD syphilis, talking too much about the wrong things.  Willie Moretti was NO RAT and the people who associated with him knew that.  Willie always took care of everyone who worked for him.  He treated them like family.  There are accounts of how he would cover bills if someone in an employees’ family got hurt or he would visit them in hospitals.  Willie never cheated anyone.  I know this from accounts his friends and associates who I met over the years gave to me I when I lived and worked in New Jersey.


Here is where “truth is stranger than fiction”.  At that time New Jersey’s Governor was Gov. Drisscoll.  He was “on the take” from “gangsters” and Willie Moretti was one of those who was paying him.  Gov. Drisscoll began to put the squeeze on Willie for a larger payout from Willie’s business interests.  Willie erupted and flat stated, “I’m not going to give anymore!  Does he think I have a money tree”!  Shortly thereafter Willie was shot to death.


The reason I wrote this account is if the rumor is true, who then is the RAT? Who is the gangster, Willie Moretti or Gov. Drisscoll?