Letter to Rev. Billy Graham

The Reason I included the Rev. Billy Graham in this section is because he "Steals Souls out of the clutches of the devil" into the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus, The Word.


When I, Joe Diaz, as a young boy in Jersey City, old timers used to tell me stories about many known gangsters being forgotten by those people they helped with their professions.  Your name, Rev. Graham, came up as a preacher who has saved millions of souls, which I'm sure God appreciates. But, what I would like to know from you is have you ever acknowledged

Mr. Augie Pisano?


The story about you and Mr. Augie Pisano is retold here exactly as it was told to me:  Big Frankie, one day in the early 1940's, came to see Little Augie Pisano and said, "I want to bring you this guy who is a hell of a preacher."

"For what?" Augie asked

"He needs a million dollars to help print literature so he can get the Word out about God"

"You and this preacher get lost." replys Augie.


About six months went by and again Frankie comes with the same story to Augie and adds, "He'll pay every penny back.  Augie just meet this guy."


Mr. Pisano did meet him and lent Rev Graham the money.  That money helped you, Rev Graham, get the message of God out helping your church and crusades begin to flourish.  I understand you paid all the monies back, with interest.


If this story is true, then before God calls you home, let the people who you have preached to know that there is goodness even in so-called "gangsters".  


This, I feel, is a problem with folks who get help and then turn their backs on the people who gave them their start to success.  Give God the glory but acknowledge Little Augie Pisano, a gangster.


If this story is not true, then we can both leave this earth in peace.


Joe Diaz