Little Augie Pisano

This is the story of a guy from the Jersey side across from Brooklyn.  This story is also a true account of a great leader of his family: Little Augie Pisano.


Pisano had very strict rules. He would always say, "Drive Chevys or Fords, no cadillacs or fancy cars.  Do not draw attention to family business."


So the story goes this way: The fellow on the Jersey side gets a call that Little Augie wants to see him in Brooklyn.  So he gets into his pink cadillac and drives to Brooklyn.

"Augie, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes," replies Augie.  "Give me the keys to your car."

"Sure Augie, anything you wnat."

After getting the keys, Augie says,"Hey Frankie, give him a ride back to Jersey."


While Frankie is driving, this fellow says to him, "Boy, Augie must like my car."

Frankie replys, "I guess so".


Well about six months go by and the fellow from Jersey orders a new pink Cadillac.  He again gets a call that Little Augie wants to see him, so the next day the guy from Jersey goes to Brooklyn to see Augie.

"Give me the keys to your car", says a pissed off Augie, "and you go back to Jersey on foot."

"But Augie what did I do wrong?"

"Just think while you're walking."


The story is true because I met this fellow years later.

Don't break family Chevys or Fords.


Little Augie was a real General.