The real meaning of give me 5 or High Five

How the New Jersey Turnpike got built


The real meaning of give me 5. Also high five, give me skin. 

In 1957 the Edward Sullivan show Ed Sullivan holds up his hand to one of his guests and says “Give me five” and hits the other guys hand. Ed Sullivan had no idea of where give me five or high five came from?


This, the true meaning of how the New Jersey turnpike got built without any construction stoppage or strike. In other words the iron workers contract ended different then the carpenters date and the teamster contract ends on a different date of the year. The Bond Holders and future stockholders would lose their shirts. We are buying all these homes that are in the way of building this turnpike? We cannot afford a work stoppage. How do we control all the unions? We cannot afford a strike.


All construction unions and the territories that the Turnpike could go through. Had to have some type of agreement in place.


The Bond Holders decided to put $25,000,000.00 aside to buy peace from all construction unions. 


They decided to hold this meeting at at  Robert Treat Hotel in Newark N.J. Since 1916 the hotel has had three renovations.


5 days they paid for the full occupancy of the rooms. They brought the girls the best from Florida and up state New York to service the union, presidents, and delegates, and business managers. On the fifth day the girls were paid in full and left. Then the black hat was passed with everyone putting the amount of dollars for the union peace. One of the most honest individuals was teamster head of #408 Niggy Casano he asked a friend next to him and he wrote this amount “is this fair?”. His friend did everything in his power not to laugh. “Yeah Niggy its ok.” After everyone passed the black hat around the chosen speaker started over the microphone. Peter Weber Local 825 Operating Engineers - $300,000.00 then so-and-so $25,000.00 and on-and-on. Then Niggy Casano #408 Teamster $500.00. There was silence Niggy turns to his friend and says “you see I asked for too much”. In all the taverns and bars everyone would come in and say “give me five”. The kids who would come around in the taverns shining shoes picked it up and went to their neighborhoods and said to their friends “give me five” not knowing the whole story. 


So it was decided to rent all the rooms at The Hotel Robert Treat on Broad Avenue in Newark New Jersey that was built in 1916. At the time the most powerful political machine was the Gov. Driscoll administration in N.J. from 1946-1955. During the entire booking of the hotel the first 4 days all the booze and drink you wanted cost you nothing. The turnpike authority paid for everything. The girls from New York State as far as Florida were provided. On the fifth day all the girls were paid in full and went back home. Then it because the real business at hand. Every territory unions were given paper to put the amount of monies they each wanted for peace and no strike or stoppage of work regardless of written contracts. 


So carpenters, masons, iron workers, operating engineers, cement-finishers, welders, plumbers, pipefitters, teamsters etc. A deep black hat like Pres Lincoln was passed to all heads, pres delegates of all unions. On pieces of paper you write you amount of money fold it put it into the black hat. The hat was given to the announcer and the amount he would speak for everyone to hear. 

    Contrary to judge people by their nationality for instance, Italians are crooks. This is an example of an Italian American that when his paper is read aloud “Mr. Niggy Casano (Local Teamster #408) $500.00”. All the people in the hotel became silent. So Niggy turns to his friend sitting next to him and says “I told you it was too much”. Lets compare Peter Webber Operating Engineers Local #825 $300,000.00 No union leader was under $25,000.00. I firmly believe the real crooks are the Driscoll Administration bond-holders, stock-holders, investors. The union men got retroactive monies after contracts were signed by membership. By the way the N.J. turnpike was going to be toll free after 20 years. It never happened. The Port Authority tolls are through the sky. 


A message from the grave of President Thomas Jefferson 

“We who live in America do not have a government by the majority who participate. All that tyrants need to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. 


Politicians get votes when they are running for office. They tell the unions this is what I’m going to do for you. They go to poor areas in their states and after they get elected they do nothing.